European Family In Colonial India, Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 cdv photograph of a British couple based in colonial India. For many Englishwomen, India was the ultimate place to find a suitable life partner in civil service, military, etc. For the English-bred women arriving by steamer, the sights, sounds, and culture of the new land were sometimes too overwhelming. Notwithstanding they would normally get over the shock in one or two months, many would also make a hasty retreat back home to England.

A life of luxury, and wealth, a multitude of servants, and great social life awaited those married to the Britisher in India. But unlike England, basically, it was a blissful life in the Colonial era despite the oppressive tropical heat. Even that was not a deterrent since there were several hill stations to head to when the weather got unbearable. Life seemed to have cut out just right for the European family in the colonial era, apparently like the one shown in this photo. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- on their first arrival to India, ladies were advised to seek suggestions about domestic affairs. The old-time British ladies point out that in India there was nothing to do. Everything would be handled by the domestic staff expertly.

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