Christmas Boating Party On The Buckingham Canal Madras, 1900 PC 

buckingham canal


A rare 1900 postcard of a Christmas Boating Party on the Buckingham Canal in Madras (now Chennai). This uncommon British-era postcard shows a European boating party on Christmas day in Madras. Probably on the Buckingham Canal. The Europeans look on apparently while enjoying the party from their boats. Also with them are the boatmen and servants. This remarkable postcard gives a rare glimpse of how Britishers spent their holiday season during the colonial era.

It seems like a catered excursion on the Buckingham Canal, once a major waterway of Madras. The destination appears to be Pulicat Lake in the north of Madras City. The Buckingham Canal at one time was navigable from Kakinada in the north to Mahabalipuram in the south. But it is not so now because it has become an almost sewage carrier, and it seems to have narrowed down greatly in some places.

Read more More than two centuries of history flows through the Buckingham Canal.

Did you know – that two or three water river bodies were disconnected by a land mass. Both the rivers were then joined thus creating the Buckingham Canal by the British. The canal was constructed in various sections.  

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