WWII Map of American & British Troop Location 1946

An unusual map showing clusters of American and British troop locations in 1946. Essentially based in countries supporting (or dependent) on the allies in WWII. It included undivided India, China, Dutch Indies (Indonesia), Egypt. Jordan, and so on.

American troops were deployed in India backing the British Indian troops resisting the Japanese invasion in North East India. Conclusively allied troops dislodged the Japanese from the North East and later from Burma. Likewise was the case in China. India and many other countries were under the British Empire at the time.

The WWII Allied powers consisted of the USA, UK, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, etc. And the Axis consisted of the three principal countries Germany, Italy, and Japan. India’s freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose’s rebel outfit the Indian National Army (INA) aligned with the Axis power. Since it was in opposition to Britain’s occupation of India. This map is from an American news syndicate Acme Newspictures Inc. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Japan carpet bombed North East India with posters against Britain during World War II.

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