Photo postcard of Colaba

Views of Colaba Reclamation British Era Bombay – 3 PCs 1900s

colaba reclamation

Printed postcard


colaba reclamation

Three 190os postcards of the Colaba Reclamation in British era Bombay (Mumbai). Two of the postcards have the same views although one is a photo postcard and the other is litho-printed. The third postcard is of a different view and is also litho-printed. Bombay once comprised of seven islands consisting of Colaba., Little Colaba or Old Woman’s Island., Bombay., Mazagaon., Worli., Parel., Mahim.

The islands in 1865 came into the possession of King Charles II of England.  As part of his marriage contract with the Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. In the course of time, the islands were made into a single landmass by way of reclamation. A causeway was built between Colaba and Bombay Islands. It was again expanded by reclamation of which part of it became a British military cantonment. The military barracks were based here.

The commercial district of Nariman Point would be later created in the northwestern area. Viewing the postcards on the left was the Colaba railway yard shown in the 3rd postcard. Parts of reclamation that were undertaken can be seen in the foreground, and on the right embankment and mud filling. The road on the right leads to Cuffe Parade in which the palatial homes of the rich can be seen with its conical roofs. The Colaba railway station closed down in 1930 (built in 1896) to create more space in the region. Churchgate station was designated as the nearest station to the area.

Did you know – the area was a fishing village and the Kolis were the original inhabitants for centuries.

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