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Bombay Fort, Colaba, Malabar Hill – Vintage Map 1924

This is a vintage 1924 map of Bombay Fort, Colaba, Malabar Hill, Girgaum, Byculla, and other regions. These were the principal centers of Bombay, now Mumbai under the period of British India era. Originally a group of seven islands that was unified by reclamation into a single landmass. Noticeable are the key locations- Malabar Hill, Girgaum(Girgaon), Kambala (Cumballa), Colaba, Fort area, Victoria dock, and so on.

Also visible is the location of the Government House at the tip of Malabar Hill. We now know the Government House as the Raj Bhavan. The map also shows the location of Bombay Castle. The castle served as the headquarters of the British in western India until the middle of the nineteenth century. The map measures 7 x 4½ inches, and was published by “John Murray, London.”

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Did you know- the Kolis were one of the original inhabitants of the islands, they are of Dravidian race and numbered around 1000 in population when the British took control of the islands from the Portuguese. 

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