Early View Of Flora Fountain Bombay, Old Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 photograph of an early view of Flora Fountain in Bombay, now Mumbai. The view is when looking towards Esplanade Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road). A surreally beautiful photo of Hornby Road (Dadabai Naoroji Road) and the Flora Fountain. The emptiness of the place and that of the buildings apparently give a somewhat haunting look.

Unlike what it is today certainly jam-packed with people and vehicles. By the 1860s  a major portion of the reclamation of Bombay was completed. It was at that time Bartle Frere took over as the new Governor. His first task was to dismantle Fort George’s thick walls that had successfully defended Bombay. For the reason that enemy threats had greatly diminished in the passing years.

This one-year project freed up a lot of space, enabling Frere to take on the task of building Bombay from scratch. Within a matter of some years, Frere transformed it into a European-style city. After his term as Governor, the city council in gratitude built the Flora Fountain in his honor. In fact, it was initially named Frere Fountain. But in course of time, the name was replaced colloquially with Flora Fountain. Because the statue on top of the fountain was that of the Roman Goddess Flora. And it was easy to remember. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – this area in the photo marks the western ramparts of the now vanished fort, that was built by the East India Company in 1716. 

From the collection – Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Shivaji” Oleograph Print., Queen Victoria’s Statue In Bangalore, 2 Old 1910 PCs., Srirangam Temple – Old Print 1872., Fort At Coylan – Antique Hand Colored Map / Plan 1668.

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