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Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Shivaji” Oleograph Print

This is a vintage oleograph print of Raja Ravi Varma’s “Shivaji.” In its frame, it measures- 24 x 16 inch. Titled “Shiwajee Maharaj”  Shivaji  the great Maratha warrior lived from 1630 to 1680. These 50 years of his life did not give rest to the British or the Moghuls. The Maratha Kingdon under him expanded greatly with forts and land area. So great was his influence that his rule covered nearly 75% of India.

From Lahore in the northwest of India, Nepal in the north, Bengal in the east, and to Mangalore-Canannore in the south. It is no wonder Raja Ravi Varma made a painting of this warrior king of the Marathas. The oleograph image shown in this post is from his painting. Although printed around 1910 the great painter passed away before this period he died in 1906. See my post- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph 1894.

Did you know- Shivaji not only expanded militarily but also in naval warfare.

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