Vintage Book – History of The Bombay Army 1938

Title- History of The Bombay Army 1938

Author – Sir Patrick Cadell

Publishers – Longmans, Green And Co

Year – 1938

Edition – First

Pages – 362, with two colour plates and maps

Dimension – 8¾ x 5¾ inch

I’m a bit surprised I never knew there was a Bombay Army (now Mumbai) at all until I got the book in hand. The preface of the book was written by Lord Willingdon in 1937, he was the Viceroy of India at the time. And the Governor of Mumbai from 1913 to 1918.  The three Presidencies of Madras (formed in 1640), Bombay (formed in 1687),

and the Bengal Presidency (formed in 1690) belonged to the East India Company. Each Presidency also had its own armies. But in the aftermath of the Indian rebellion of 1857, all the three came under the direct rule of the British Crown. By 1895 the three Presidency’s armies merged into the Indian Army.

And was reorganized into four commands each managed by a lieutenant-general. The commands comprised of Madras (including Burma), Punjab (including the Northwest Frontier), Mumbai (including Aden), and Bengal. This is a rare book.

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