1974 News Photo Cochin Fishing Nets

1974 News Photo Cochin Fishing Nets. This photo shows the Chinese Fishing Nets of Cochin, now Kochi, Kerala. This is a news photo of the Sun-Times Travel section from 1974. The caption of the newspaper image reads “One of Cochin’s “fishing machines” a legacy of early Chinese traders.

See my post- c1746 Print Chinese In Small Boats Off The Malabar Coast. The Chinese Fishing Nets are a big draw with tourists today. It was first introduced into Cochin or Kochi (Kerala) by Chinese traders in the 13th century. Read more about Chinese and other foreigners in Kerala- Ancient Kerala and Ancient China.

Did you know- Chinese seafarers and traders visited a small fishing village before the 14th century and when they first sighted the place called it “Co-Chin” or “like China” thus giving the name “Cochin” 

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Sun-Times newspaper's original photo