Antique Painting of Madras Fort St George

Antique Painting of Madras Fort St George. A well preserved 1851 watercolor painting of Fort St George, Madras. See my post on- Antique Plan of Madras Fort St George 1782. It measures 10 x 7 inches.  The Painting is not signed, but has a handwritten note at the back “Fort. Madras from under the saluting battery, 30th March 1851.”

And was probably painted by a British army officer from the beachside. The “Saluting battery” may be referring from where the 21-gun salute were fired inside the fort. The painting looks beautiful and almost to detail of the fort and the flag mast. See my post- Antique Map Plan of Madras Fort St George 1746. Read about Fort St George today- Tourism potential of Fort St George.

Did you know- the French captured Fort St George in 1746 and held it for nearly three years before they returned it to the British in 1749. 

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