Christmas Greetings From British Era Bombay – 2 Postcards 1900

Two identical 1900 postcards one with a Christmas Greeting and the other without a greeting in British Era Bombay (Mumbai). Both postcards show identical scenes of the almost bare Flora Fountain and Esplanade Road. The only difference is that one of them is printed with a Christmas Greeting. A horse tram and the ever-present Oriental Building are clearly visible in the picture.

Flora Fountain is slightly obscured by the trees around it. The first Christmas card was brought out in 1843 by a Britisher Henry Cole in England. During colonial rule, India had a large presence of British military and civilian personnel. Exchanging greeting cards for Christmas or New Year was an essential habit. Although not an obligation but perhaps an emotional tug.

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Did you know – besides postcards for greetings there were also advertisement postcards. 

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