Beautiful Byculla British Era Bombay, 1910 Postcard

Beautiful Byculla In British Era Bombay, 1910 Postcard

An old 1910 photo postcard of the once beautiful Byculla in British Era Bombay (Mumbai). Once a quaint little town with a beautiful verdant landscape. Rows of electric trams and carriages are seen with quaint tiled buildings on either side. Exuding a surreal image of a charming village, before the mad rush to construct a concrete jungle set in.

All this in Byculla in the time of British era Bombay. Before the unification of the Bombay Islands, Byculla was an extension of Mazgaon (one of the seven islands). It was a low-lying swampy area submerged during high tide. After the reclamation of the seven islands to a single land mass, construction activity began, on the virgin land.

With rapid development, Europeans and wealthy Parsis increasingly moved to Byculla. And by the mid-19th century, Byculla had completely transformed into a prosperous and elegant neighbourhood of Bombay. With grand British and Parsi homes and buildings. Gradually, a lot of cotton mills appeared on this land, with mill and other workers moving in and settling down. Evidently, the wealthy communities began moving towards the south of the city at Fort area.

Did you know – today, a majority of the mill lands have been sold or razed, to make way for large residential and commercial developments. 

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