Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Cavalcade – Old Print 1888

This is antique steel engraved print dating to around 1888, measures 27 x 20 cm. The text reads “Runjeet Singh And His Suwarree, or Cavalcade of Seiks.” Maharaja Ranjit Singh was an able ruler of the Kingdom of Punjab. So much so that the British were unable to colonize his Kingdom Punjab under his rule.

He was born in 1780 and was short in stature, Ranjit Singh had developed smallpox in his childhood. This blinded him in one eye and disfigured his face with pockmarks. Nevertheless, a clever planner and a strategist drove back many invaders, especially the Afghans. And expanded his kingdom by gaining smaller fringe groups and neighboring lands.

Indian Parliament House and St Tropez in France have installed Maharaja Ranjit’s bronze statues in his honour. St Tropez’s connection is that a French General in the Punjab army was from St Tropez. Read more- Sikh Maharaja.

Did you know– That Maharaja was a pioneer in adorning the Golden Temple with gold covering. 

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