The Gairsoppa Falls or Jog Falls – Old Print 1894

This is a hand-colored print from “The Illustrated London News” of Aug 18, 1894. It measures:- 29 x 20cm. This print of the Jog waterfalls or Gairsoppa/Gersoppa falls (as variously called) is based on the first view of the British explorers in the 19th century. Notice a British explorer lying over the edge and gazing down the waterfall with local guides standing near him.

Dense jungles surrounded the lower level so thick that it was difficult to even find a proper opening to look up at the majestic falls at the time. Located in Karnataka, the water plunges down a sheer drop of 835 feet. And is one of the most natural scenic wonders of India.

Because of some of the manmade obstructions like the hydropower dams, the water flow thinned down considerably. Nevertheless, still is a sight to behold, especially in the monsoons when the water flow is heavy and the floodgates are kept open. Read more- 8 Spellbinding Facts About Jog.

Did You Know-  The Jog waterfalls are divided into four specific streams named- Raja; Roarer; Rocket; and Rani.

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