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Colaba Point Lighthouse In Mumbai – Old Print 1868

This newspaper clipping is from The Illustrated London News of 1868. Measures 10 x 5 inches.  See post- Prongs Lighthouse Bombay – Old Postcard With FDC 1900. Incidentally, there is absolutely no trace of this Colaba Point Lighthouse today.  There is no indication of the existence of the lighthouse after the 1900s. It was perhaps demolished and Prongs was built in its place.

Only a few photos of it may be in existence one of them is as shown click on this link- India: Colaba Point Lighthouse, 1875. This old print of the Colaba Point Lighthouse Mumbai of 1868 is perhaps one of the few sources of information on the vanished lighthouse today. See also my post- Lighthouse On Kennery Island Mumbai – Old Print 1868.

Did you know- lighthouses were first used with fire, progressing through candles, oil lamps, and finally the electric bulb. 

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