The Colaba Coast Bombay – Old Photo 1890

This is an old 1890 photo of the Colaba coast in Bombay, now Mumbai.  There are some ships anchored off the coast. Some buildings and houses are also visible. Colaba was one of the seven islands before Bombay was reclaimed into a single landmass.

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Colaba is one of the most visited places in Mumbai. It is near to the Fort area which has its fair share of history. Frequently visited by tourists, shoppers, diners, and so on. The southern area of the Colaba coast is seen in the photograph which is a Naval defense area today, except with permission, it is out of bounds.

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Did you know-  Mumbai has a 100-year-old Japanese Temple, known as the “Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple” at Worli.

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Photo Details

Year -


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9½x7 inch

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Unknown British Indian photographer