Vintage Car With Newlyweds – Old Photo 1940

This is an old 1940s photo of newlyweds in a vintage car (by today’s standards). Although quite a modern car at the time. Perhaps somewhere in British era Bombay or Calcutta. Seated in the back are two seemingly newlywed couples. Not entirely sure about the car’s make perhaps an Austin or a Morris maybe a Fiat. But all the same a beautiful convertible.

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See children sitting on the sideboard, the extra tyre on the side the, air horn, and the two-tone colour of the vehicle. It comes with semi spoked wheels. Possibly zamindar family’s wedding. See also the cozy home with intricate grills visible in the background, unfortunately, these beautiful homes are making way for more modern homes.

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Did you know- Indian Maharajas were the biggest buyers of Rolls Royce before India’s independence.

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph of c1894., Main Street Pune British India Era – Old Postcard 1910., First Train In India Bombay to Thane – Old Print 1853., Types of Indian Native Character – Old Pictorial Book 1910

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