Types of Indian Native Character – Old Pictorial Book 1910

Title- Twenty Four Types of Indian Native Character Reproduced in Photogravure

Publishers – Thacker & Co Ltd, Bombay

Year – 1910

Pages – 24 pictorial pages

Dimension – 9 x 7 inch

Old 1900 postcard book titled “Twenty-four Types of Indian Native Character Reproduced in Photogravure.” This is 24-page picture-postcard postcard book. But despite the name, the characters are all natives of Bombay (now Mumbai) – 1. Dog Boys; 2. Municipal Road Sweeper; 3. A Dhobie Ghat; 4. A Police Sepoy; 5. A Hackney Carriage; 6. A Khitmagar And Hamal; 7. Parsees; 8. Pan Supari Seller; 9. A Cotton Cart; 10. Postman; 11. Telegraphy Peon; and so on. Printed on the back cover is “British Manufacturing Throughout, E. W. Savory Ltd, Bristol.” Postcards from 1910 are affixed on each page.

All types of prints and publications on India were in great demand in England and Europe from the 18th century onwards. And would barely satiate the ever hungry foreign reader about India’s land, culture, people, religion, food, etc. Rudyard Kipling the famous author and Nobel winner was born and brought up in Mumbai. The Nobel prize was awarded to him in 1907 for literature. One of the many of his works was the Jungle Book, that is well remembered because of the many Hollywood movies brought out based on the book. Click on the photo for better view. 

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