Korean War Prisoners UN India, 1954 Photo

Korean War Prisoners UN India, 1954 Photo

A 1954 news photo of Korean Prisoners of War with UN military officials from India. It shows two Indian military officials leading North Korean POWs to the UN detention center at the time of the Korean Civil War. Captured by the UN forces the North Korean prisoners did not want repatriation to their country. See the text on the back of the photograph. South Korea would eventually absorb them into the mainstream of their country’s life. It gives a rare glimpse of the North and South Korean developments in 1954.

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This is actually a wirephoto, the wirephoto process was in vogue from 1935 until the 1990s.  Wirephotos allowed the transmission of photographic images via telephone or telegraph lines to newspaper publications.  The image received would be identical but of lesser quality like this photo. But nevertheless a great boon for the world news reporting at the time. The wirephoto process faded into oblivion because of the rapid spread of easier and sharper digital media via the internet.

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