Suratta or Surat – Antique Map / Plan 1720

This is an original 1720 print of the map/plan of the walled city of Suratta or Surat. The original drawing was made by Pieter Van Der. It measures- 36 x 29 cm. Like Calicut, Cochin, Quilon, Goa, etc, Surat too became a Portuguese colony from 1540 to 1612. The British first landed in the Indian subcontinent at Surat in 1608.

Aggressively following Portugal’s huge success in trade and commerce with India and other far eastern countries. And after winning many skirmishes with the Portuguese and Dutch. The British started a settlement after obtaining permission from the Mughal Empire. They then went on to colonize Madras, Calcutta, and then the whole of India.

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Did you know- Surat is the center diamond cutting and polishing. It accounts for a major portion of the world’s diamond cutting and polishing. 

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