View of Bombay Showing The Fort – Old Print 1850

This is another of the beautiful steel engraving titled View of Bombay Showing The Fort dating to around 1850. It measures 10 x 6.5 inches. Published by “The London Printing And Publishing Company Limited.” It is when looking from Mazagaon Hill and before the demolition of the fort in 1862. See the same engraving in an article of The Guardian a British newspaper

Story of cities #11: the reclamation of Mumbai – from the sea, and its people. See my post- Antique Print Bombay Fort & Harbor View. Extract- “A person not well versed with Mumbai would wonder why one of the areas is named Fort. When there’s no sign of it or its ramparts anywhere nearby. But there indeed was a large fort that was demolished in 1862 to make way for more space.

Although the name stuck to this day. The fort was built by the British East India Company after taking possession of the seven islands from the Portuguese in 1668. It had three entrances- Apollo Gate (next to Lion Gate), Church Gate (where Flora Fountain stands today)…”

Did you know- Bombay is thought to be derived from the Portuguese word “Bom Bahia”, which translates to “beautiful bay”. 

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