Colaba Railway Station During British Era Bombay, 1900 Postcard

An old 1900 postcard of Colaba Railway Station during British Era Bombay, now Mumbai. The Colaba Railway Station is non-existent now because it was shut down in 1930. Opened in 1873 by the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India (B.B.& C.I) Railway. It served the people residing in Fort and the neighbouring regions.

Prior to the Colaba Station coming up, the B B & C I trains halted at Grant Road Terminus. The line was later extended to Churchgate in 1870, then again to Colaba in 1873. The modestly Gothic Colaba Railway Station was built after the extension. By the 1920s the Back Bay reclamation scheme began to take place preliminarily. The railways were asked to demolish the Sation since it hindered the reclamation project. Accordingly, it was demolished in 1930 to give way to the Back Bay reclamation project.

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Did you know – Churchgate became the new terminus. The railway colony Badhwar Park stands at the Colaba Station’s place today

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