View Over British Era Bombay City, Old Photo 1885

An old 1885 photo showing a view of British Era Bombay City. A commanding view of then European-like city of Bombay (or Mumbai) in the 19th century. The Esplanade Road leading to the Flora Fountain is partially visible. The street is shaded with trees, a lone tram seems to be on its run.

Faintly discernible are the unmistakable domes of Victoria Terminus and the Municipal Corporation Building. At the far end is apparently the city’s harbour. In Bombay, the British normally incorporated a mixture of European and Indian styles of architecture. Likewise was the case in most parts of India. Especially that of the British Presidencies of Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras.

Because the cities came under the direct rule of the British. Sir Bartle Frere is to be credited with the transformation of Bombay. Governor Frere, in 1862, tore down the walls of the fort. He thereby freed up large tracts of land for building. Devising a master plan for the city, and implementing his vision during his five-year tenure. He left Mumbai in 1887 before most of the buildings he planned were complete. But the stamp he left on the city is inerasable to this day. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – under Bartle Frere’s governorship, Mumbai was transformed into a thriving trading port and commercial center. And into a colonial town of high architectural accomplishment.

From the collection – 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#12)., Fort William & Red Road Calcutta, Old PC 1900., The Madras Iron Pier – Old Print 1863., First Narrow Gauge Railway In India, Old Print 1863.

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