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Bombay University Convocation Hall – Old Photo 1890

This is an old 1890 photo of the Bombay or Mumbai University Convocation Hall. The Convocation Hall along with the Rajabai Clock Tower and Library complex is one of the finest groups of building in the city. The complex designed by the British Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott is in the Fort area of Mumbai. At the time of the great cotton boom, there was a demand for a higher learning education in Mumbai.

Because of this, the University came into being in 1857. The grand hall shown above was built with a handsome donation from  Sir Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney. An industrialist and philanthropist who became financially wealthy from the cotton boom. The Hall is in the early French styling with facings of Kurla and Porbandar stone. Construction commenced in 1869 and completed in 1874.

The complex also contains a beautiful garden. See my posts- Bombay University Hall & Rajabai Clock Tower – Old Photograph., and Vintage Postcard University Gardens Bombay. Muccoond Ramachander, in particular, is credited with overseeing the stone carving and was helped by Lockwood Kipling and his students from the JJ School of Art. Incidentally, Kipling was the Father of the great Rudyard Kipling who was born in Mumbai.

Did you know- the British congratulated themselves on getting Indian craftsmen, with their three thousand-year history of superb stone carving, to successfully understand the new style required by European Gothic architecture. 

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