Panoramic View Of British Era Bombay, Rare 1905 Postcards

panoramic view of bombay



Rare 1905 panoramic postcard with an aerial view of Bombay, now Mumbai. This is a foldout postcard comprising three postcards with various views of South Bombay. The view is of the Fort area, Apollo Bunder, and Colaba. The photo was likely taken from the Rajabai Clock Tower. See post- Bombay University Hall & Rajabai Clock Tower – Old PostcardMumbai was created by uniting the seven islands into a single landmass. Which took nearly two and a half centuries of reclamation.

The first image shows the ‘Fort’ area. It did have a fortification named Fort George, originally a Portuguese Fort, the British strengthed and expanded it in 1769. To counter any threats from the French, Moghuls, Marathas, Malabar pirates, etc. By the 1800s enemy threats died down, and the reclamations were completed in the 1840s. Thus the walls of Fort George were demolished in 1862 making way for more space. However, the place still retains the name ‘Fort’ to this day.

The second image is that of “Apollo Bunder.”  The famous birdcage hotel “Watson’s Hotel” is visible. In the third image, the almost barren site of Colaba and the Esplanade can be seen. See post- Antique Photo Bombay Colaba Coast 1890. The picture shows some iconic landmarks, like the police headquarters, the Flora Fountain, and so on. 

Read more Story of cities #11: the reclamation of Mumbai – from the sea, and its people This postcard measures 16½ inches in length and 3½ inches in width.

Did you know- Mumbai was an independent state of India, until the creation of Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960. It fiercely fought to retain its independent status but did not succeed. 

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fort area bombay

apollo bunder watson's hotel

colaba and esplanade