Greeting Card From Military Barracks Colaba Bombay, 1900

bombay scene

inner page

A rare 1900 or earlier greeting card from military barracks Colaba, Bombay (Mumbai). Not many details are available of this lovely early 20th-century (or earlier) 5 x 4 inch greeting card. Except that a printed scene of old Bombay is mounted on the greeting card. Captioned “Bombay from an Old Print.”

The inner page displays the Christmas and New Year greetings, with a brief sender’s address – “Hq. Bombay Area, Colaba, Bombay.” Which probably was the military barracks of Colaba in the time of British era Bombay. It gives a glimpse of the city in the 19th century, the area appears to be near Fort. The buildings may be the mint, the town hall, etc.

Bombay was reclaimed into a single landmass from a group of seven islands. By 1862 the Fort walls were demolished on the orders of then Governor Frere. Thereafter he initiated rapid development of the city. Culminating the city into a financial capital of India and one of the best-developed cities in the world during British rule.

Did you know – that the Flora Fountain was constructed in grateful honour to Sir Henry Bartle Frere after his tenure. 

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