Beautiful Bombay In British Era, Old Photo 1890

Rare 1890 photo with a glimpse of a beautiful Bombay in the British Era. Another good glimpse of the Europeanized city of Bombay (or Mumbai) from the later 19th century. The view is from the Rajabai Clock Tower and the location is the Fort area of Bombay. Conspicuous is the tower of St Thomas Cathedral and the harbour with quite a number of steamer ships and boats.

Visible at a distance a little obscurely is Elephanta Island. Bombay was formed into a single landmass from the seven islands it was once. A major portion of the reclamation was completed in 1860. Sir Bartle Frere appointed governor in 1862, took up the task of demolishing the fort walls.

Taking a year to complete, freeing up a lot of space that was earlier occupied by the fort’s thick walls. Bartle Frere was credited with building up the city of Bombay to world-class standards. Under his stoic leadership, the city transformed into a remarkable European-style city in the British era late 19th century. That can be seen in this photo. Click on the photo for better view.

Di you know – the buildings constructed were of the “Gothic Revival” style. 

From the collection – Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph 1894.,  Prince & Princess of Wales In Mumbai, 3 Old PCs 1905.,  Indian Soldiers In The British Raj – Old Print 1895.,  Suratta or Surat – Antique Map / Plan 1720.

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