GIP & BBCI Railway Locomotives, 2 Postcards 1920s

These are two old 1920s photo postcards of the GIP & BBCI Railway locomotives. Visible on the locomotives are Great Indian Peninsula  (GIPR) and B. B. & C. I.  The Great Indian Peninsula or the GIPR and the Bombay Baroda & Central India Railways or BB&CI. Both operated in the British India era. And were the predecessors to the Central and Western Railways respectively.

The world’s first train ran in the UK between Stockton and Darlington in 1825. The steam locomotive that carried the train was built by George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson.

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It was not long before the railway was introduced into British India. The conception of the railway first took place in Madras, now Chennai in 1832. Under the Redhill Railway, the country’s first train ran from Redhills to Chintadripet in 1837. Carrying a load of laterite stones for the road work in Madras. Sixteen years later India’s first passenger train journey ran from Bombay to Thana in 1853.

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The railways expanded rapidly in the British era and many companies were formed. Some of them were the GIPR, BB & CI, East Indian Railway, South Indian Railway, and so on. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- the first railway used horses to pull the train in the UK in the 18th century.

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