Calcutta Horse-Drawn Tram – Old Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 photo of Calcutta or Kolkata’s horse-drawn tram. Calcutta was introduced to horse-drawn trams in 1873. The first service was between Sealdah and Armenian Ghat Street. By 1902 electric trams replaced horse-drawn trams in Calcutta. This photo features Old Court House Street of Kolkata. Check the enlarged view the board reads “Clive St to Kali Ghaut.”

Shown also are several British business establishments- Ranken & Co, Rosier, Harry Clark, F. W. Baker & Co, and son. This same image also appears on the “Tramways of Kolkata” India Post’s first-day cover of 2005. Which also is in my collection see images in this post. In India Bombay was the other city with the horse-drawn trams.

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Did you know- in the 1900s Steam-powered trams were introduced in Kolkatta for six months but failed to take off because of frequent maintenance problems. 

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Bourne & Shepherd