Ancient India West of The Ganges, Old Map 1683.

Ancient India West of The Ganges, Old Map 1683 

An old 1863 small-sized map of ancient India west of the Ganges. This is an 1863 copper engraved map in French. Although it looks a little outlandish by today’s standards. The course of the River Ganges seems almost vertical. But on the other hand, despite all this, it was pretty accurate for its time. When considering the deep hinterlands were yet to be explored.

Much development unfolded in India when this map was published in 1683. A major portion of the land was ruled by the Mughal Empire. Foreign colonial powers were increasingly getting a grip over the land. The British established their first settlement at Surat. A factory was set up in 1612-13 with the permission of the Mughal Emperor. The Portuguese gave away Bombay to the British just 22 years back in 1661.

Bombay was a group of seven islands when the East India Company first took possession. Job Charnock, of the East India Company, would land on the banks of the River Hughli in 1690. Established a trading post for the company, from which Calcutta would emerge as a capital city until 1911. Madras was forming into an important settlement within the walls of Fort St George. At the same time, the Portuguese already had a well-established settlement with a fort at San Thome since 1516.

Did you know – British rulers initiated the mapping of colonial India in 1767 with high precision and accuracy. 

From the collection – c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Lovers (#5)., Senate House Across The Cooum Madras, Photo 1879., St Andrews Church In Bangalore – Old Postcard 1906.