The Men Who Made British India, Old Print 1911

This print is a page from The Sphere newspaper of 1911, titled The Who Have Made The India 1858 of Today 1911. A case of fascination with their own self, self-admiration, narcissistic, self-worship whichever way it can be put. Shown are the governors-general or viceroys of India from 1858.

From 1858 onwards India was directly ruled by the British crown under Queen Victoria. Before 1857 it was under the control of the East India Company. But after the Indian rebellion, the East India Company was terminated and the reins handed over to the British crown. The newspaper shows a lineup of governors-general who according to them were the men who made British India into what it was then (1911). Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- the newspaper also credits the children of the soil one of them being Jamsetji N. Tata.  

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