British India Hindostan, Antique Map 1863

map of hindustan

map of india

This is an antique 1863 map of British India or Hindostan by Johnson & Ward. Alvin J. Johnson started his business in 1860 based in the USA. This map came out only 3 years after he opened his business, and is 157 years old today. Depicted in this imposing outline are the Empire’s dominions- India, Burma, Malaysia, and so on. But it was the Portuguese to first set foot in India by the maritime route.

They were led by Vasco Da Gama who arrived at the port of Calicut, on the Malabar coast in 1498. Gradually expanding their settlements to Cananore, Goa, Surat, Bombay, and so on, on the west coast. And on the east coast- Madras, Tuticorin, Nagapattinam, Hooghly, and so on. The British arrived at Surat in the early 1600s, intrigued by the Portuguese’s success in trade.

Increasingly British trade expanded to other parts of India, all managed by the East India Company. It would gradually get a firm foothold on trade and even political power, by influencing Indian rulers either by threats or bribes or both. After brutally crushing the Indian uprising of 1857, the East India Company was terminated by the Queen. India would then come under the direct rule of the British crown from 1858 onwards. The inset shows Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta (Calcutta was the capital until 1911). See the image of the Government House, Calcutta on the top left.

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Did you know- the Empire had a huge impact on societies, industries, cultures, and the way of life of people around the world.

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map of india

map of india