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Crawford Market Bombay – Old Advertising Postcard 1900

This is an old 1900 advertising cum picture postcard of Crawford Market Bombay or Mumbai. The advertising is of Marie Brizard & Roger a French cognac and liqueur manufacturer since 1755. The back of the postcard shows a handwritten price of Rs 2 and 10 paisa per bottle of Cognac in 1900. The postcard shows the iconic Crawford Market and crowded street.

Notice also horse-drawn trams and horse carts, remember automobiles did not appear on the road for a few years more. But few may have appeared although they were obviously not common in Bombay at that time. See my post- Colaba And Earliest Motor Car Mumbai – Old Photo 1900. See also my post-Crawford Market Mumbai – Rare Old Print 1874.

The building was designed by the British architect William Emerson that is an excellent example of fine British architecture in Bombay. Emerson had also designed the beautiful Kipling Fountain situated in the outer courtyard. Lockwood Kipling father of Rudyard Kipling- designed the decorative panels on the fountain. The 128-foot high clock tower although a mute spectator but it adds charm to the building. Read also- 20 Historical Monuments & Old Buildings in Mumbai

Did you know- July 1879 marked the introduction of postcards in India for a quarter anna (25 paise). 

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