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Cumballa Hill Area In The 19th Century – Old Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 photograph of the Cumballa Hill area of Bombay or Mumbai. Shown is a semi forested hillock interspersed with European houses. In the foreground is a water tank and children playing on its walled edge. The initial seven islands of Bombay contained 22 hills most of them were levelled and the earth used for filling the wetlands in between the islands.

Around nine of them were untouched two of them were the Cumballa and Malabar Hills–the highest point–in the city. Both these areas are high-end neighborhoods of Mumbai. And are also home to the most number of billionaires in the city as well as prominent ministers. Also known as Diplomat’s Hill or Ambassador’s Row for it houses consulates and high commission offices in the area.

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Did you know- the British India era “Cumballa Hill War Hospital” is now the “B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital” (PGH). 

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