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British Indian Railway Push Trolley – Old Postcard 1905

This is a 1905 photo postcard of a British Indian railway push trolley. It is used for track inspection and if required for track maintenance purposes in certain cases. The trolley travels when it is pushed, more or less a hop-on and hop-off process. The railway labour staff thrusts the trolley forward for some distance by running on the tracks, then hops-on to the vehicle when it picks up speed.

The cycle is repeated till the destination is reached. Since there is less friction with rail wheels than automobile wheels which has far greater friction. So the pushing is a bit effortless and the supervisor sitting on the vehicle adjusts the brakes to control the speed. These push-operated trolleys are giving way to the motorized version.

Four people are required to carry it on and off the tracks. This is a rare photo of a bygone era Colonial India’s railway life. Also unusual to see the Britisher’s pet dog sitting by his side.

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Did you know- India was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. There were boundless exports to be achieved from this huge country how better than building a vast rail network to carry cargo to the ports. 

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