Ship At Bombay Harbour And City, 1880 Photo

Ship At Bombay Harbour And City, 1880 Photo

An old photo of a seafaring ship at the Bombay (Mumbai) Harbour and city in 1880. Since the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 Bombay Port developed considerably to handle increasing cargo ships and passenger steamers. Before the opening of the canal, ships would round the Cape of Good Hope taking six months to reach India. That was cut short to a mere four to six weeks through the Suez Canal.

Located in the largest deepwater Mumbai harbour is the country’s biggest and busiest port. In the foreground is a sailing ship, in busy times a flotilla of steam and sailing ships anchor off Apollo Bunder. See post- Apollo Bunder Bombay Waiting For Steamer Antique Print. Visible in the background is the then coastline with some of the iconic buildings.

The buildings vaguely visible are the Central Telegraph Office, the University, some of the East India Warehouses, and so on. Read more- The East India Company: the founders of Bombay? 

Did you know- the original inhabitants were the Dravidian fishing people called the Kolis settled originally in the seven islands of Mumbai from the 1st century AD.   

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