European Lady At The Golf Course Secunderabad, 1917 Photo

european lady

A 1917 photo of a European Lady at the Golf Course at Secunderabad. A stylish young British lady looks on holding a golf stick in this photo. Probably the wife of a British army officer. Sports and games, and theater, painting, etc seem to have been the best pastime before the advent of radio, TV, and movies. As a result, it was not surprising to see European ladies active in outdoor games.

Since Secunderabad was a Military Cantonment area, it was quite natural that there was a large community of  British inhabitants. Like most other sports that were brought into India golf was one of them. Introduced by the British from around the early 1800s. The game played on vast open fields that abounded in India at the time and were landscaped into acres of golf courses.

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Did you know – Mary Dsouza was part of the 1952 Olympics — the first time India sent women athletes to the Olympics.

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