Rural Life In India Watercolour Painting By N. Mukherjee

Rural Life In India Watercolour Painting By N. Mukherjee

This watercolour painting by N. Mukherjee depicts rural life in India. This is a beautiful piece of watercolour art and is signed by “N Mukherjee 61.”  It depicts a raw beauty of a village landscape. A dreamlike village setting in the dawn, with the villagers, busy going about on their early morning chores.

It was painted in 1961 by the famous artist N. Mukherjee, most of his paintings were in watercolor. Among the ocean of watercolor paintings in India Arul Raj’s stands out like a beacon. Based in the US Arul Raj was of Indian origin and a prolific painter of Indian rural scenes. Mukherjee’s paintings are a bit similar to G D Arul Raj’s painting. Click on the photo for better view.

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