Delhi Durbar Kingsway Railway Station – Old Photo 1911

This old 1911 photo shows the Kingsway Railway Station of the Delhi Durbar. Also known as the Coronation Durbar or Imperial Durbar was a lavish and grand ceremony. It marked the coronation of King George V as the “King-Emperor” of the British Empire. He also took the occasion to announce the shifting of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi.

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Shown is the Kingsway Railway Station with mounted guards awaiting the arrival of some important dignitaries. The station was exclusively built for the occasion of the durbar which would be later taken down. The massive scale and complexities of this 1911 grand ceremony were unimaginable. That was comparative only to the magnificent grand displays of the Mughal Emperors.

Massive tented camps sprouted primarily for the stay of Maharajas and their entourages. The camps covered a large area that included shops, post offices, infirmaries, and so on. Each camp was allocated according to its hierarchy. Special narrow and broad gauge railways lines were connected to the camps. Bringing the Maharajas and other royalties right to the doorstep of their staying quarters.  Also visible in the photograph is the British Union Jack Flags flying scroll to the second image.

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Did you know- the official ceremonies were from 7th to 16th December. The chief event, the Durbar or the Proclamation, took place on 12th December.

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