Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Laxmi” Oleograph

Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Laxmi” Oleograph. This is the Laxmi oleograph from the Raja Ravi Varma Press, Karla-Lonavla. It measures 30½×22¾ inches and weighs 2.5 kg. It is similar to the Saraswati oleograph in my collection. And is likewise from the Raja Ravi Varma Press, Karla-Lonavla. See my post- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Saraswati” Oleograph c1910.

After Raja Ravi Varma sold off his press in 1903, the press underwent a lot of changes. One of the changes was the renaming of Ravi Varma Fine Arts Lithograph Press(FAL Press) to just Ravi Varma Press, Karla-Lonavla. This Laxmi oleograph was printed in the Raja Ravi Varma Press, Karla-Lonavla in 1910.

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