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Nawab Of Bhopal’s Bentley Car – Old Photo 1926 (#1)

A rare 1926 photograph of the Nawab of Bhopal’s Vintage Bentley car. This is a 6½ ltr Bentley specially custom designed for the purpose of Nawab of Bhopal’s game hunting. These photographs were taken before Rolls Royce acquired Bentley in 1931. A brief extract of an article that appeared about this vehicle in the “The Motor” magazine of 1926.

“For real originality in bodywork design and lavish equipment one generally has to turn to British cars supplied to the special order of Indian potentates, the latest example being a six-cylinder sports Bentley supplied to his highness the Prince Hamidullah Khan, the reigning Nawab of Bhopal…The chassis is a production model, with a body specially built by Thrupp and Maberly Ltd., to his Highness’s special requirements, is designed primarily for game hunting….while the passengers are protected by a screen and apron. Both front and rear screens are so designed that they can almost instantly be lowered so as to fall flat, thus allowing the personnel complete freedom in the use of guns….”

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Did you know- Bentley was founded in 1919 by W. O. Bentley and his brother H. M. Bentley of England(UK), it was acquired by Rolls Royce in 1931. 

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Thrupp & Maberly