Train Travel In British India Era, Old Print 1877

This is an old 1877 print about train travel in the British India era. When the first train thundered through the Indian countryside in 1853. Simple people were in awe of the ‘fire-carriages.’ They worshipped it, laying floral offerings on the tracks. The number of users increased year by year. Even the most primitive accommodation would not deter them.

Till 1874 there were three classes, first, second and third. By 1874 fourth-class was introduced in the trains without seatings. The first and second classes were for Englishmen. The first-class compartment by the end of the century had become quite spacious. The seats about 6 ft long and 2 feet wide, were placed on either side of the compartment.

And could easily be converted into sleeping berths. Above were two more berths that were fastened up during the day and let down at night. Attached to each compartment was a lavatory, which sometimes had a small bath. Opening from the compartment was a smaller room for a servant. He served meals, made the beds, and looked after the piles of luggage.

The third and fourth classes had no toilets until the early 1900s. The first luxury coach to be built in India was for the Governor of Bombay in 1863. Interestingly enough, half of it was a combined sitting-room/bedroom. The rest was a dining room. The Raj railways remind one of the skills of its engineers. And the foresight of Lord Dalhousie Governor-General of India (1848-1856). Back in the 1850s, he had urged the East India Company to introduce the railways into this vast country. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did You Know- that in 1902, the Jodhpur Railway became the first company in India to introduce electric lights to carriages.

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