Old Book 1945 – Airway To India

Title – Airway To India

Prepared by – Army Exchange Service, and Personnel Services Section of the Central African Division, ATC.

Published – Headquarters Army Service Forces, New York

Year – 1945

This is an old 1945 US Army pictorial book ‘Airway To India.’ An unusual book brought out by the Army Exchange Service, USA. That illustrates a military flight from West Africa to Karachi then a part of undivided India in 1945.  But the book is a little hazy it fails to explain the purpose of this flight between Roberts Field in West Africa to Karachi in then undivided India.

Other than showing the stopovers and maps between the two destinations. It does not have a ‘Foreword’, or ‘Preface’, not even the usual ‘Contents’. But nevertheless, still, an interestingly queer book. The starting is from ‘Roberts Field’ in Liberia which had a concentration of US armed forces in World War II. The ‘B-29 Superfortress’ military aircraft is the main character in the book. It was built by Boeing and entered the airways only in 1944. Since aircrafts in those days had a limited range and needed to land in between not only for refueling but also for replenishments. Click on the photo for better view.

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