Dehradun Railway Station British India – Old Postcard 1911

This is an old 1911 postcard of the Dehradun railway station in the British India era. Notice a British man and a woman visible in the image. Perhaps arriving from Calcutta or Lucknow or from Delhi on this train. Dehradun railway station was opened in 1900. It was a great boon for the European settlers and visitors attracted to the town’s cool climate.

Many travelled en route to Mussoorie a hill station on the foothills of the Himalayas. It also became easy to travel to other parts of British India by train. Since Mussoorie was just around 34 km away from Dehradun, the British had attempted to extend the railway line there. But failed because of various reasons. Click on the photo for better view

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Since there was no proper transportation to Mussoorie people would be carried by a dandy or palanquin hoisted by four men. Read the interesting letter on the back of this postcard.

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Did you know- there are around 7500 railway stations in India small and big.

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