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Maharajah’s Motor Car – Old Photo 1912

This is a vintage Photo of a Maharajah’s Motor Car dating to 1912. I’m not sure for which Maharajah this car was for, neither am I sure of its make. But it is definitely an American Car from the 1910s.

See my post- Vintage Photo Nawab Of Bhopal’s Hunting Bentley 1926 (#2). Extract from this post- “Bentley was first set up in 1919 and made an impact by winning the famous 24 Hours Le Mans car races in 1924, 1927, 1928, and so on.

First started in 1923 the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most prestigious automobile race in the world and still functioning till date. Rolls Royce and Bentleys sold the maximum number of super-luxury cars to Maharajahs and Royalties in the British India era.

See the Acetylene Gas Head Lights also called Carbide Lights in the photo. The burning of the Carbide Light is a simple process by adding water to calcium carbide a chemical reaction takes place. This process generates gas called acetylene and lit by a match.

The early cars (like in this photo) were fitted with Carbide Head Lamps and a gas generator.  By 1915 more of electric headlamps were coming into use. See also my post- Vintage Photo Buick Cars In Madras 1929.

Did you know-  the first Indian built car was the Hindustan-10,  it commenced production in 1946.

From the collection-  Map of Bombay With Waffen SS Ink & Wax Seals, Germany.,  c1883 Photo British India Polo Player Capt Malone.,  c1845 Bombay Overlooking Fort Steel Engraved Print

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