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King George’s Car Delhi Durbar – Old Photo 1910

This is an old 1910 photograph of King George’s standard landaulet car at the Delhi Durbar. The Standard Motor Co of England specially made this car for King George V for the 1911 Delhi Durbar ceremony. And sold 70 of their cars to the Royal entourage for all state functions. This was over their period of stay in the tour of India. Check out the carbide headlamps, two mounted on the front bumper (partially visible) and two on either side of the bonnet. The acetylene gas generator (to power the headlamps) is visible on the sideboard near the spare tyre.

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Extract from this post – “The burning of the Carbide Light is a simple process by adding water to calcium carbide a chemical reaction takes place. This process generates gas called acetylene and is lit by a match. The early cars were fitted with Carbide Head Lamps and a gas generator.  By c1915 more electric headlamps were coming into use…” This vintage car company is no longer in existence.

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Did you know- the Standard Motor Co in collaboration with Indian partners made cars in Madras mainly the Herald, the Gazel, Vanguard, and so on from the 1960s to 1980s. They were smaller streamlined vehicles, unlike their previous heavier models.

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