Constructing The Gateway of India Bombay, 1923 Photo 

construction of the gateway of india

A rare 1923 photo that shows the construction of the Gateway of India in Bombay (now Mumbai). The construction was at Apollo Bunder, once a pier for passengers alighting from steamer ships. In 1911 a royal ship brought in one of the most famous of the passengers, the king and queen of England.

King George V and Queen Mary were on their way to attend the Delhi Durbar. The only British Monarch to visit India during the British Raj. The Gateway of India was built in commemoration of this visit. The Royal visit was of great importance because King George V announced New Delhi as the new capital of India. The announcement was during the Delhi Durbar ceremony.

George Wittet’s design of the Gateway of India was accepted. For the royal visit, George Wittet designed the temporary but impressive triumphal arch and the grandstand. He also had a great deal of experience with his design of the Prince of Wales Museum and the Royal Institute of Science. Work commenced in 1913 and the Gateway of India was completed in 1924. To accommodate its huge foundation the Apollo Bunder was expanded by reclamation. Its position was shifted to the left ie slightly more towards the Taj Mahal Hotel’s side.

Did you know – it was the wish of King George, before returning from his successful trip to India, to erect a permanent structure on the occasion. The King was impressed by Wittet’s triumphal arch and grandstand. 

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