Arrival Of The Emperor At Bombay, Old Print 1912

This print is a page from The Sphere newspaper of 1912 announcing the arrival of King-Emperor George V at Bombay. King-Emperor George V arrived with his wife Queen-Empress Mary on Dec 2, 1911. There are two pictures of the monarchs, the top one shows the Emperor and Empress sitting with a welcome gathering. Title top picture- The Reading Of The Address Of Welcome By Sir Phirozshah M. Mehta Seen From The Amphitheatre.

The text reads- On December 2 the King and Queen landed at the Apollo Bunder, Bombay (now Mumbai), and were received in state by the Viceroy and other officials.  In the huge amphitheatre opposite the landing place. All the prominent officers and civilian officials not taking an active part in the actual reception of their Majesties were gathered to the number of over 3000. Behind them was massed a rep gathering of the population of the city. The levee dress of the officers and the toilettes of their ladies. Mingled their colours with gorgeous hues of the ceremonial attire of Indian chieftains. And of the sirdars of the Deccan and Gujerat.

Title bottom picture- The Emperor Passing Along Esplanade Road After The Landing ceremony. The text reads-  In Esplanade road an interesting arch was erected by the Parsi community. It was supported by columns surmounted by characteristic two headed bull capitals. At the corners of the towers which flanked the arch were gilded posts carrying the Parsi emblem of the sun. While the base of the towers was supported by a winged bull of Persian design. All the decorative features of Indian art were in evidence along the route. Carved elephants on latticed balconies bore in their trunks the ends of floral festoons. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the king and queen spent five weeks touring India.

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