Unveiling King George V Statue Calcutta, 1939 Photo

Unveiling King George V Statue Calcutta, 1939 Photo

Old 1939 photo of the unveiling of King George’s statue at Kolkata, formerly Calcutta. A rare glimpse of an unveiling ceremony of the statue of a departed British monarch in Kolkata. There seems to be a military parade with a huge crowd of onlookers in the stands. British and Indian military and civilian officials stand in homage to the statue of King George V (died 1936).

Curiously many Indians also stand reverentially. Although they probably would have been frowned upon if they had not attended. The unveiling of this King George V statue in Calcutta was by Sir Robert Reid, Governor of Assam, in place of Lord Brabourne, Governor of Bengal. Lord Brabourne, passed away and Sir Robert Reid became the acting Governor of Bengal additionally.

The statue depicts George V wearing the roses in which he appeared at the Delhi Durbar in 1911. The Delhi Durbar was held on his succession as King-Emperor. The statues of British monarchs and viceroys were once prolific all over colonial India. But after India attained independence they were pulled down unceremoniously. Although some still exist sporadically in the cities. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Coronation Park in New Delhi is a 52-acre resting place of statues of British monarchs and viceroys.

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