Vintage Book – Winter In India 1883

Title: Vintage Book – Winter In India 1883
Author: W. E. Baxter
Publishers: Funk & Wagnalls, New York
Year: 1883
Pages: 168
Dimension: 7¼ x 5 inches

This is a rare vintage book from 1883, of a Britisher W.E. Baxter and his wife’s tour. The author and his wife again travel after their extensive tour of Egypt, Syria, and Europe. In Germany, they had an unpleasant experience with the customs officials rummaging through their baggage.

The author was hellbent on making a complaint about their conduct. However, they complete their Europe tour and are on the way to Egypt by the P and O steamer Mongolia. Here he states that the ship is manned chiefly by natives of the East. The general designation of Lascars, most of whom come from the islands and headlands from the north of Bombay.

They have then transferred to another P and O steamer the Surat on their way to India. Reaching Bombay harbour, which the author states is the finest harbour in the world. Then landing at Apollo Bunder by boat. See my post- Antique Print Bombay Pier Waiting For Steamer., and Antique Print Apollo Bunder & Harbour 1880.

This book’s content includes- Rajpootana Railway, Delhi and Lahore, etc. 

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